Credit: Tina Rowden and Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2013 The CW Network, LLC    
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The Vampire Diaries

TVD Spoilers For Season 4, Episode 15: Will Bonnie Raise the Dead?

If your eyes are still red and puffy from last night’s The Vampire Diaries, don’t expect them to look any better after watching this sneak peek clip from Season 4, Episode 15, “Stand by Me.”

Bonnie (Kat Graham) finds herself outside the cave, still on the Canadian Isle of Mystery. Surprise, surprise, Shane (David Alpay) is there, still alive and still crazy after all these years.

Apparently, the prof already bonded with Silas. “He helped me,” Shane says, fervent as a zealot, when Bonnie asks who healed his leg. “All those lives lost — they weren’t in vain. He’s going to bring them back.”

Bonnie isn’t keen to help Silas and Shane raise the dead. “It isn’t natural,” she tells her ex-mentor.

But Shane has news that might make her change her mind. Silas needed blood, and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was there. “Jeremy’s dead,” Shane tells Bonnie. He conveniently left out the part where Silas snapped Jeremy’s neck.

That’s where the clip ends, so we don’t get to see Bonnie grieve. Will this push her into Expression even more — or will she be frightened away by Silas’s power?