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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers: Will Lisa Vanderpump Fire Stassi From SUR?

In the last episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump put her foot down and fired Frank after his unforgivably rude behavior toward a customer. Will Stassi be the next to go?

Lisa and her daughter, Pandora, have a serious talk with the feisty waitress about her recent behavior at SUR and the fact that she’s been slacking on her fashion columns for Pandora’s website.

“Right now you say you want to be a fashion writer, and you say that this is what you want for your career, and I haven’t seen it,” Pandora tells Stassi. “To be a fashion writer you have to write. To have a recurring fashion column, it has to be recurring.”

Lisa Vanderpump chimes in as well, saying, “You’re very close to losing your job at SUR. Stassi I mean it, there's no more bulls**t, because we can’t put up with it anymore. If you can’t deliver, we will replace you.”

In tears now, Stassi explains that her breakup with Jax and his subsequent rebounding with fellow waitress Laura Leigh has thrown her for a loop over the last couple of months. Lisa also scolds her for bullying Laura Leigh via text messaging, but Stassi defends her aggressive tactics.

“I know I was bullying,” she says. “I am furious with this person. I’ve never hated someone so much in my life. I’ve never felt so betrayed by a friend in my entire life.”

Lisa consoles her as she continues to break down, and Stassi promises to pull herself together.

Do you think she’ll be able to do it?