Where Was the Bachelor 2013 Finale Filmed?
Credit: Courtesy Golden Triangle    
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The Bachelor

Where Was the Bachelor 2013 Finale Filmed?

We do this really cool thing called “denial,” and it goes like this: when we’re watching The Bachelor Season 17, we replace every other girl’s name with our name, and then we tell our friends that we’re dating Sean Lowe and yes, thank you, we are very happy. So, yes, in case you were wondering, we are looking forward to Sean proposing to us in the finale.

And thanks to Reality Steve, we know that we need to pack for Thailand, since that’s where the whole shebang will take place. RS says that Sean’s final rose ceremony will take place in the northernmost province of Thailand, in a town called Chiang Rai, at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort.

You know what that means, right guys? We have to pack a whole bunch of brown and red silk taffeta gowns because only one of them is not going to be covered in sambal and sand and peanut sauce by the time Sean and his see-through eyebrows get down on one knee and propose. Spoiler alert: we are definitely going to say yes. Eternity with those virginal abs? Pad see yes please.

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Source: Reality Steve