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Jersey Shore

Will Snooki and JWOWW Have a Dual Wedding? The Jersey Shore Guidettes Tell All!

While the producers (and every one of us) would love to see JWOWW and Snooki have an on-air dual wedding, it may not happen.

Previously, we told you about the Jersey Shore stars’ plans to have completely different weddings. “A s—tshow in Vegas” is Jenni’s dream wedding, while Snooki wants the more traditional feel. But we thought maybe these besties could band together and have a double wedding anyway!

Unfortunately, when the pair visited LIVE! With Kelly and Michael and were asked about a combined wedding, they both agreed that it wouldn’t work.

“We would kill each other,” both Snooki and JWOWW said simultaneously. Snooki then compared the girls’ weddings to the movie Bride Wars, saying, “It wouldn’t work” with a laugh.

While their joint wedding would be entertaining to watch, it sounds like it would be a mess! Do you think they could pull it off? Sound off below!

Source: LIVE! With Kelly & Michael