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Jersey Shore

Jionni Shares “F—in’ Awesome” Photo Of Baby Lorenzo — And We Agree! (PHOTO)

Another day, another super adorable photo of baby Lorenzo.

Snooki and Jionni's baby boy couldn't be cuter if he tried — until now! We've seen his first girlfriend, we've seen him all dressed up for Valentine's Day, and we've seen him watching R-rated movies, but this new pic takes the cake.

The proud papa is showed off his little boy in this new Instagram photo. "My son is F-in awesome!!" Jionni captioned the picture of Lorenzo with a huge stuffed lion. We definitely agree with the reality star's fiancé — he's too cute!

"Life goes by way too fast, and people don't realize it till it passes them! CARPE DIEM! #livelifetothefullest," Jionni tweeted shortly before posting the photo.

We've got to say that we're happy that both Jionni and Snooki capture so many adorable shots of Lorenzo and share them with us! Do you enjoy the pics?