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Alec Baldwin Accuses NY Post Photographer of Assault, Alec Accused of Racism

When will people learn — you can't ambush Alec Baldwin on the street for "comment" on a negative story and expect it to go well.

A lawsuit was filed against Alec's wife, Hilaria Thomas, from a guy who alleged he was injured in her yoga class. A New York Post writer and photographer reportedly approached Alec on Sunday to ask about the lawsuit, and they got into a kerfuffle.

According to the Post, Alec grabbed the female reporter's arm and said "I want to choke you to death." She supposedly played an audio recording of the threat to police. Alec also supposedly called the photographer "a coon," "crackhead" and "drug dealer." “He was saying some serious racist stuff,” Post photographer G.N. Miller said. “He said some choice words about my mother, and he was telling people in the street that I’m a drug dealer. He could have said a lot of other stuff. But he used all of the stereotypes associated with black people.”

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For his part, Alec tweeted, "Read this" and linked to a Gothamist report with the headline "Alec Baldwin Says NY Post Photographer Assaulted Him."

In part, the story reads, "Baldwin told us he was assaulted by a NY Post photographer near his East Village apartment, and called the cops to file a formal complaint against him. But it seems the photographer is planning on accusing Baldwin of using a racial epithet against him. 'If you want to paint a picture of me that is a denigrating picture, I've seen that,' Baldwin told us. 'If you want to put words in my mouth...I've certainly had my moments. But this is not one of them. I don't think I've ever uttered a racial epithet to someone in my lifetime.'"

UPDATE: According to TMZ, "New info on the audio tape of the confrontation between Baldwin and the Post photog. Sources tell us ... there is NO mention of a racial slur on the tape. And, we're told, the initial story -- that Baldwin allegedly said 'I want to choke you to death' -- is incorrect. We're told in fact Baldwin said, 'I want you to choke to death,' which is exactly what Baldwin claimed he said."

Sources: New York Post, Gothamist, @ABFalecbaldwin

02.18.2013 / 08:06 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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