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Jersey Shore

Lorenzo Punches Himself in the Head and Can’t Sleep — Is He OK?

Lorenzo definitely looks just like his mama, and he seems to takes after her in other ways, too!

Back in January, Jionni tweeted about his son’s habit of waking him up in the early hours of the morning, only to promptly fall back asleep! “He takes after @snooki,” Jionni wrote. “She warmed the milk n passed out too!”

Parenting sure can be a handful! Recently, little Lorenzo did something else that gave Jionni something to gripe about — punching himself in the head!

Uh-oh, is the little guy OK?

“Trying to put Lorenzo to bed and he is punching himself in the head!!” Jionni tweeted. “Not even close to falling asleep!! #takesafterhismother."

Judging by his humorous tweet, it appears that Lorenzo is fine — just doing a weird baby thing that drives his parents crazy! And since Snooks is out on the West Coast right now, Jionni may be fending for himself.

We think it’s totally adorable that Lorenzo reminds Jionni so much of Snooki. With awesome parents like them, he’s certainly in good hands.

Are you surprised by Lorenzo’s baby behavior? Sound off below!

02.18.2013 / 10:12 PM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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