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Revenge Live Chat: Season 2, Episode 14, “Sacrifice”

The time has come to say goodbye to one of our favorite Hamptonites on Revenge Season 2, Episode 14, "Sacrifice." In tonight's episode, Nate Ryan is hiding on The Amanda on Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke's honeymoon. Clearly he has his own revengenda, but will he eliminate his rivals before Emily Thorne can get to them?

Join Wetpaint Entertainment for our “Sacrifice” live chat! Keep refreshing for more updates and join the conversation in the comments.

9:02 — We remember that scene from the Season 2 premiere! Is Jack really dunzo? He did sleep with the devil.

9:04 — Is Victoria the new Emily Thorne? Next we'll see her disguised in a black hoodie!

9:06 — Ashley, the only Grayson man interested in you is your boss.

9:07 — Nolan just called Aiden "Mr. Bean." Greatest. Nickname. Ever.

9:08 — Ash, you can't just barge into Em's beach house and expect a cheap margarita like old times.

9:09 — Ems, maybe this will teach you that "infinity" isn't the smartest password.

9:11 — A Stowaway aboard The Amanda?! The puns are endless!

9:15 — Nice! Fauxmanda's double identity, Stripper Mandy, just came out! Nobody has the right to call Captain Jack "JP."

9:16 — What's a pair of earrings when Emily's already given Fauxmanda her identity?

9:17 — Jack, Amanda, Declan and Charlotte didn't notice Nate, but Emily spotted him instantly from a sliver in a photo. #classic

9:21 — Can Padma and Aiden hook up so Nemily can finally be a reality?

9:23 — We love that Nolan has his lifevest on and Emily's going commando.

9:28 — Vicki, don't pretend like you enjoy seeing your teenager playing house with a Montauk hoodrat.

9:30— Can everyone stop putting Jack in danger? He's as pure and inncoent as Our Lord and Savior Baby Carl David.

9:32 — Could Jack have a future in revengeing? Maybe he is the right man for Emily, after all!

9:33 — Jack's been hit! Don't go to Sammy the Dog yet!

9:39 — Victoria, just accept the fact that Conrad is your one true partner in crime!

9:42 — If Fauxmanda can survive falling off a second-story balcony while pregnant, she can survive this. Right?!

9:43 — What's The Initiative's interview process like? Is the only requirement being creepy?

9:44 — Take notes, Connie. That's how it's done.

9:45 — Too many sacrifices ... who's next?!

9:47 — Did Nate really think he was any match for a Master Revenger?

9:54 — Rose had the opposite problem in Titanic. Her lover died, but she got the necklace.

9:55 — Shouldn't Vicki be the one running for office? She runs it all anyway.

9:57 — Why did Fauxmanda have to die right when we were starting to like her?!

02.18.2013 / 06:35 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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