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Revenge’s Margarita Levieva Talks Amanda Clarke’s Fate: “They Gave Me an Amazing Death”

Hold your loved ones and sea glass necklaces close, Revengers, because life is a short and precious thing, especially on our favorite shoreside drama.

In Episode 14, “Sacrifice” we lost Amanda Clarke to a watery grave following an explosion aboard The Amanda. The whole scene came as a shock, but actress Margarita Levieva has known her fate since the start of Season 2.

“I was only scheduled to do 14 episodes, and I knew I'd be out after that,” she told TV Guide. “So I kind of figured. Originally I was only supposed to do seven of the 14, so I thought it could have been happening earlier.”

Show creator Mike Kelley informed the 33-year-old actress during the Season 2 premiere that she would take a bow mid-season.

He told me I was going to have a pretty dramatic, heroic death on The Amanda,” she said. “It's time for her to leave after having gone through such a great arc. I thought she was going to die last season. But in the end they gave me an amazing death — saving Jack and Emily before dying in her arms. I couldn't have asked for anything better. So in a way I was ready for it, but as the time got closer I got really bummed out.”

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Naturally, one co-star took Fauxmanda’s death particularly hard.

Definitely Emily [VanCamp] because of our emotional sisterly bond,” Margarita said. “There's a flashback scene in this death episode that really shows the care we had for each other.”

And now that Mandy has joined so many other greats (read: Tyler Barrol, David Clarke) in the Revenge casualties cemetery, what legacy does her character leave?

In a way I feel her death is a gift to Emily,” she said. “It's necessary for Emily to continue getting revenge. She has new reason to go on with her mission after getting a little bit away from it in Season 2 with the Initiative and her relationship with Aiden. So I'll feel I made a worthy sacrifice if Emily is now inspired to fight harder.”

Do you think Amanda’s death was necessary to the story? Tell us below!

Source: TV Guide

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