Rita Ora Made Rob Kardashian Hide Their Relationship!
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Tim Whitby/Getty Images for MTV    
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The Kardashians

Rita Ora Made Rob Kardashian Hide Their Relationship!

Rob Kardashian and British pop star Rita Ora’s break-up in December 2012 was so explosive that it totally overshadowed the details of their relationship. Even so, we were surprised to hear Rob, on the latest episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, say the two had dated for an entire year!

It turns out there’s a good reason we had no idea they were together that long. As Kim put it on KKTM, Rob had just gotten out of a “very weird” relationship. “They were together for a year,” she said, but Rob was never allowed to say they were an item because his girlfriend was a pop star and, “She wanted to present herself as a single girl.”

Though Rita was never mentioned by name, all signs point to Ora as the topic of the KKTM conversation. The Kardashian sibs even mentioned the now-infamous tweets that Rob posted after he and Rita broke up, implying that she’d cheated on him with more than 20 men (one of whom may have been Jonah Hill?). “I posted what I posted just to stop myself from taking her back,” Rob explained.

Rumors that Rob and Rita were dating first hit the papers in November 2011, but in July 2012 Rita publicly denied they were together! The pair finally started publicly posting cute pics in October, only to go through their angry break-up in December—which totally jives with Rob’s claim of a year-long relationship.

While no one besides Rob and Rita will ever know exactly when they got serious, one thing that is abundantly clear is Rob’s sadness over their split. Even when Kim gave him a pep talk on not letting nasty media coverage get him down, he couldn’t hide it. “I had a girlfriend,” he said. “I was committed.”

Sad! Rob has a great family and a luxury sock business to keep him occupied until the right lady comes along, but after the year he’s had we can see why he’s so bummed out: “All I did was gain 40 pounds and lose, like, so much money.”