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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Will Tyreese’s Group Support Team Prison or Woodbury?


In a way, they lucked out. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) went crazy at just the right time, just as he looked like he might relent and allow Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and his newbies to stay at the prison. Rick had that vision of Lori at the end of The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 9, and toward the end of Episode 10, “Home,” The Governor (David Morrissey) and his Woodbury men attacked the prison. It’s possible one of Tyreese group might’ve been shot instead of Axel.

But where are the prison newbies, and are they going to return to the prison on Episode 11, "I Ain't a Judas"?

The Hollywood Reporter talked to comic book guru/executive producer Robert Kirkman, noting that both “outsiders” Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Merle (Michael Rooker) proved their mettle during the first attack from Woodbury. Will their roles change Rick’s mind about Tyreese and his group? “It's entirely possible,” Kirkman said. “That's a central theme to this season: What you need in this world — whether you need to be alone and secure or open and with people and finding more people for security. That's something that we'll be exploring quite a bit moving forward.”

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That really answers nothing. Here’s something more specific, from SpoilerTV’s spoiler snippets on Episode 11, which will air Sunday, February 24:

"Episode 10 made you really hate The Governor. Episode 11 builds towards what is going to happen this season when a bigger battle begins. Back at the prison. Rick ends up taking a step back, while his group figures out what to do next (the result is kill). And someone ends up being a new resource to the team. Merle have read the bible enough to impress Hershel. Andrea ends up leaving Woodbury, but just for a short time.
Where is [Tyreese] and his people in episode 10 you might add? Well, he and his people left the prison. They end up meeting someone in the woods, some new people to them, but not to us viewers. This put Ty and his group in probably good graces with someone we know on the show, or are they zombie dinner?"

Now let's get even more specific than that. Another extremely detailed episode synopsis was leaked, this time for Episode 11. Again, we have no idea if it's true or not, but the last couple have been spot-on, so why not try this? (Plus, it matches up with some early sneak peek videos.)

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According to the synopsis, Tyreese and his group meet Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Milton (Dallas Roberts) in the woods. Andrea is on her way to visit the prison folks and Milton went with her to help. They have a conversation about Woodbury, with Tyreese and company showing interest in joining a new group. Milton apparently volunteers to take them back. Later, The Governor tells Tyreese's group they are welcome to stay as long as they want. They tell The Gov about running from some whack job at a prison. The Gov is obviously interested to hear more about Rick. Ben tells them if Woodbury needs help to fight, they are in. Tyreese said they can't go back out there when anything can happen; they'll do whatever they can to earn their keep in the town. Milton asks if they can describe the layout of the prison. And apparently The Governor gives Sasha a good strong glare for some reason.

I sounds like Tyreese gives The Governor the same “We’ll do our part” speech he gave Rick, but it works better on The Gov, thanks to Rick's mental issues. This is an interesting little plot twist — it’s like a team exchange, Woodbury gets Tyreese, the prison gets Andrea — but eventually Tyreese has to return to Team Prison, right? He’s one of the good guys! He’ll see through The Gov. They all do in the end. (Except Milton.)

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, SpoilerTV

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