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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Season 2, Episode 14, “Sacrifice”: “The Bitch Had It Coming”

Amanda Clarke suffered death by boat during this week's jaw-dropping episode of Revenge, and our lives will never be the same. We're in full-blown morning (black bandage dress? check!), and have rounded up the top 10 quotes of the episode as our personal eulogy to our favorite stripper-turned-murderer.

Sigh, Faux-Mandy. Well you came and you gave without taking. And they took you away.

10. Ashley wanders into Grayson Manor: "What required my presence in this godforsaken house at the godforsaken hour?"
The alluring smell of Conrad's madras shorts, we assume.

9. Nolan nerds out: "Welcome to my ultra-private, completely untraceable mobile conference room."
Please note that Nolan was wearing a sweater vest when he uttered this sentence.

8. Amanda teases Jack: "Married 8 hours and already you're tired of kissing your wife?"
Jack: "I'm just exhausted. And hot."
Wow, he really knows how to turn on the romance.

7. Victoria side-eyes Helen Crowley: "The bitch had it coming."
Just in case you needed confirmation that Victoria is completely lacking in human emotion ...

6. Amanda flirts with her hubby: "I'm going to cook you a big greasy breakfast, Captain Porter."
Aaand, there goes our appetite.

5. Declan analyzes his AC: "Ok, time of death is 3:05 p.m.."
Charlotte: "Don’t be so hard on yourself, that thing is practically as old as my ... mother!"
Um, so, like, super young and perfect?

4. Victoria worries about Carl David: "Do it for that overheated infant. It's clear that he needs a quiet, temperature-controlled space."
Translation: He needs to be away from the sinister clutches of Declan's mood ring.

3. Nate mocks Jack: "That’s a good idea, Gilligan."
LOL, seaman jokes. They never get old.

2. Emily questions her side-kick: "Do you have a cell phone number? We can trace it."
Nolan: "I'll get it from Jack’s cloud."
We can't even with this nerdiness.

1. Conrad makes Victoria an offer she can't refuse: "Let's press the flesh, shall we?"
Is this code for sex? Because we are officially horrified.

02.18.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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