Who Is The Vampire Diaries Most Evil Character Ever?
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The Vampire Diaries

Who Is The Vampire Diaries Most Evil Character Ever?

There is no shortage of bad guys on The Vampire Diaries, but more often than not their badness only goes so deep. Even Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is “bad with purpose.” But when Katherine (Nina Dobrev) showed up in Season 4, Episode 14 “Down the Rabbit Hole” she reminded us what it’s like to see an honest to goodness villain on the TVD scene.

Katherine has been bad news since she was toying with both Salvatore brothers back in the day, but her recent cure-snatch took things to the next level of evil. But she’s not the only baddie on the show: Who is the most evil character on The Vampire Diaries?

Katherine’s previously stated crimes are bad enough, but don’t forget that she also let lovelorn Damon believe she was desiccated in a tomb for over 150 years, then told him she’d never been in love with him and used pretty much everyone in Mystic Falls to help Klaus (Joseph Morgan) unleash his inner hybrid. She’s no good.

If we were judging on body count alone, Original vamp Klaus would probably have this on lock. He killed his own mom, daggered his siblings more times than we can count, and made Katherine torture herself after hunting her for 500 years. Even to please his lady love, Caroline (Candice Accola), he can’t show Tyler (Michael Trevino) mercy, — he can only give him a head start before the hunt begins.

Pretty much the first thing vampire hunter Connor (Todd Williams) did when he got to Mystic Falls was shoot Tyler in the chest, no questions asked, and like ten seconds later he stabbed April (Grace Phipps) to draw out the town vampires. During his admittedly short time in town, his icy stare and commitment to vamp extermination at any cost never faltered. Even when he was dead, his hunter’s curse almost made Elena (Nina Dobrev) kill herself. Wicked!

Stefan (Paul Wesley) is of course a stand-up guy, but Stefan the Ripper is another story. The fact that he was known for literally ripping people apart is pretty telling, no? Ripper and Rebekah (Claire Holt) got off on torturing people in the 1920s, doing things like making some poor man drink his own wife’s blood. Ick.

We’ve only just met Vaughn, but man, what an introduction it was. He has the same scary, imaginative vamp-killing toys as Connor, and a similarly single-minded dedication to his cause. He’ll kill or use anyone who gets in the way of him killing Silas, so we’re looking forward to see what soul-crushing tactics he brings to the table.

They’re all forces of evil to be reckoned with, for sure, but which is the most evil TVD character? Or is there someone else you think is more evil still? Let us know!