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Why Did Niall Horan and Amy Green Split After Only Four Months?

Amy Green, 20, and One Direction’s Niall Horan, 19, started dating last October after they met at a London nightclub. She reportedly ended a four-year relationship to date the Irish singer, but now they are dunzo.

A source told The Mirror, “Sadly, it is over between Niall and Amy. He finished it because he didn’t have enough time with everything he has to do. Understandably she was disappointed because she had been in a relationship before she started seeing Niall and chose him over her boyfriend. But there are no real hard feelings and they’re still close.” However, a source also said Amy was the one who first threatened to end things earlier this month because, “She found Niall a bit too immature for her tastes.”

Well, he is a teenage rock star. They aren’t known to be beacons of maturity. What do you think? Are you glad Niall is back on the market or sad about the breakup?

Source: The Mirror