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The Bachelor

Bachelor Sean Lowe Bonds With Kids Over Sports and the Bible

Do you ever think about Bachelor Sean Lowe and go "UGH, why aren't you sitting in front of a giant JESUS mural surrounded by wee youths?" Join the club. The same thought enters our mind every second, and just lurks there — much like those stray hairs around Sean's nipples.

But good news, everyone! Sean has taken a break from counting his freckles to teach a few of his child-friends about Jesus, so please do yourself and GOD a favor and check out this picture he posted on Instagram. First of all, look at how gleeful the children are! Much like Jesus, Sean appears to be a fisher of men, only instead he's a fisher of children.

Although we can't help but notice that the kid next to Sean looks less than thrilled. In fact, he looks super weirded-out by this entire situation. Possibly because he's second-guessing the fact that Sean has planted himself right under the word JESUS. What does it all mean?

Oh, and if you're wondering why Sean is hanging with these little tykes, he's volunteering for Team ASAP — a sports program that helps kids learn about the Bible. Golf has never been more holy.

Source: Instagram

02.19.2013 / 06:01 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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