Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 15, “Target”:  Save Alexis!
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Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 15, “Target”: Save Alexis!

In tonight’s episode of Castle Season 5, our favorite crime-fighting duo took on a more global threat than typically found on the streets of New York. Castle and Beckett investigated a murder connected to terrorist activity, but things got personal when one of their own got involved....

As Rick is trying to give Alexis her space at Columbia University, she’s kidnapped in part of a major terrorist plot. Naturally, the instant Castle lets down his guard down in regards to his redheaded offspring, Lexi gets in the worst trouble of her life.

It all started with 24-year-old “student” Hasim Farouk who was murdered when hit with a van containing Sara El-Masri. It turns out, Hasim was Sara’s body guard, hired by her parents to watch her.

Meanwhile, Castle’s trying to relate to Sara’s grieving parents, but there’s no need to try. Upon further investigation, they discover that Alexis and Sara attended a science event together and our favorite freshman was kidnapped with her study buddy.

Cue Castle in ultimate panic mode! Not even Nikki Heat can bring him down from this bombshell.

Unfortunately, it looks like Alexis was in the wrong place at the wrong time, which means she’s extra baggage in the hands of a terrorist.

Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 15, “Target”:  Save Alexis!
Credit: Richard Foreman / ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Castle’s grief is overwhelming, and Kate’s right there for him with a hug and a trusty knack for solving crimes. But Castle can’t solve the case, so he sticks to trolling Alexis’s video blog while weeping bitterly into his macchiato.

And what do you know? Just as the famed mystery writer predicted, his little girl had been sharing too much info on the Internet. She revealed that she’d be at the science lecture with her friend Sara, leading the kidnappers right to them.

Castle quickly relays the info to his partner in crime, but in walks Ryan with a devastatingly serious look on his face. Castle learns that they’ve found the van, but Beckett hasn’t called from the scene so the grief-stricken papa rushes to Greenpoint.

He finds a blood-covered interior and with tears in his eyes, screams at Lanie to check for Alexis’s blood type. Fortunately, the blood isn’t a match and Castle’s bought more time to find his baby girl.

But after years of watching her dad and Detective Beckett in action, Alexis is no sitting duck. After being drugged, she and Sara wake up and examine their surroundings. The lack of noise convinces them that they’re not in New York anymore. This might pose a problem for their New York-based search team.

Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 15, “Target”:  Save Alexis!
Credit: Richard Foreman / ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Luckily our favorite crime-solving team catches a break and finds the driver of the van, but even with a shot in his stomach, he’s not talking. That is, until Castle has a quick “word” with him.

With a terrifying blank stare, this former funny man lacked any trace of a smile as he walked into the room and closed the door. Kate heard the suspect’s screams, and by the time Castle was through “chatting,” he’d given them the address of a farm where the girls were being held.

Unfortunately, the clue was one step behind the kidnappers and the detectives only found a murdered kidnapper and Alexis’s coat.

Castle’s at his wit's end. The man is drinking decaf, after all.

Fortunately, his little girl seems to have kept calm in the face of danger. Along with Sara, she busts out of her captivity room with a couple bobby pins and a dream. She quickly Skypes her dad, but when the kidnappers discover she’s free, she makes a break for it.

She sprints to the roof of the building, only to discover that she’s in Paris, France. Quoi?

But before she can find another escape route, a man grabs our red-headed heroine and tackles her to the ground.

Ummm, we have to wait until next Monday to find out what happens?! That’s about as possible as Castle and Beckett going on a week-long coffee fast.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Tell us your thoughts below!

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