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Castle Review: What Did You Think of Season 5, Episode 15: “Target”?

Tonight’s episode of Castle starts with a boom and we’re immediately hooked! Aside from Castle banning his mother Martha from forever baking Alexis’s favorite pancakes, the team is thrust into a murder mystery that takes an unexpected turn into an abduction case.

Castle, who has recently loosened the protective daddy strings on Alexis, is now faced with his daughter being kidnapped with the intended "target." Guest star Dylan Walsh makes his appearance as FBI Agent Harris and lays everything on the table for Castle, who takes the news coldly. Beckett tries to console a frustrated Rick, despite their affair being found out by Gates. Gates then tells Beckett and the detectives to find Castles “little girl” by any means necessary.

Back at home, Martha tells Rick that Alexis is a fighter, all the while Castle begins to break. Rick, blinded by fear and rage, snaps at Beckett numerous times. Unable to calm his nerves, Kate overlooks it and gets back to work as best as she can.

Finally, we get a glimmer of the girls and Alexis is already putting her Castle brain to work on a plan to break out. The team continues to work on the case, finding a farmhouse where Alexis and her friend may be held. Beckett continues to console Castle who is increasingly going out of his mind. The tension between everyone involved is so thick, it can be cut with a chainsaw.

Then it comes to a crescendo: the farmhouse is a stopping point. Alexis breaks free of her captors and calls her father who is tracking her call. The captors chase Alexis and she soon realizes that she’s far away from home … in Paris, France!

Can't wait for part two!

This episode was great!

02.19.2013 / 09:36 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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