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The Bachelor

Catherine Giudici on Sean Lowe’s Virginity: “I Don’t Know the Situation”

We assume you've all heard the shocking news about Sean Lowe: his danger zone is completely off limits. Sure, this hunky Bachelor will let you fondle his abs and caress his upper inner thighs, but when it comes to sex, Sean is a re-claimed virgin. So how does Catherine Giudici feel about her hopeful hubby's puritan ways?

"When I saw that I felt for him," she tells ABC News, referring to the Us Weekly cover proclaiming Sean's virginity. "I don't know the situation. I can't imagine what he's going through."

Sean's virginity will definitely come into play when he offers Catherine an invitation to the fantasy suites, where this hot couple will have a chance to forgo their individual rooms and spend the night together! "I thought a lot about the fantasy suite," Catherine says. "I would expect it to be very intimate, and it's scary."

Rumor has it that Sean refuses to do the dirty with his leading ladies during the overnight dates in Thailand, but that doesn't mean that he and Catherine won't be spending alone time together behind closed doors!

Just remember, what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand. Though the elephants... They never forget.

Source: ABC News