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Teen Mom

Chelsea Houska Thinks She’s Pregnant! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Premiere

Mayday, guys! Chelsea Houska's ovaries have been invaded by Adam Lind's man-juice, and we're so worried. Everyone is so worried. The entire world is pearl-clutching and dry-heaving, and we just don't know what to do.

Here's what happened: Chelsea's IUD fell out of her lady parts, and before getting it re-inserted, Adam came over for a rendez-do — despite Chelsea claiming that she's 100 percent over him! Oh, and they didn't use a condom because Adam was too busy "pulling out." Clearly, these two have learned nothing from the documentary they star in.

The good news? Chelsea doesn't seem hopelessly in love with Adam, which is for the best considering that he has zero intention of dating her. The bad news? We are forced to watch Adam eat chicken wings while talking about pulling out, and have subsequently lost our ability to eat poultry.

Aaaand, moving on. Chelsea is finally about to start beauty school, which means it's time for Aubree to hit up daycare! Awww, bittersweet, but we can't wait for Chelsea to learn the intricate art of leopard printing hair — though if girlfriend pops out a baby, she might not have time for styling it pretty....

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