Courtland Rogers Makes Final Plea For Jenelle Evans
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Teen Mom

Courtland Rogers Makes Final Plea For Jenelle Evans

When Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans married Courtland Rogers in a romantic courthouse ceremony on Dec. 4, 2012, we thought their love would last a lifetime. But alas, all good things must come to an end (except for Confederate flag tattoos — those are forever).

Jenelle and Courtland called it quits shortly after the new year, thanks to allegations of domestic abuse and infidelity. Even worse? Jenelle was roughly 7-weeks pregnant at the time and suffered a tragic miscarriage.

The pair have been separated ever since — Courtland checked himself into a hospital while Jenelle shacked up with ex-fiancé Gary Head — but now the 27-year-old roofer is making a final plea for his lady love.

"I think we can give it one more try … what u think???" Court tweeted to Jenelle on Feb. 16. "As much as I love u … and wait till u enjoy this night with me to."

"FOR THE RECORD IF SHE CALLS MY PHONE IN THE NEXT 10 MIN I WILL SHOW HER THE BEST NIGHT OF HER LIFE," he continued, shouting aimlessly into the Twitterverse.

Much to Courtland's chagrin, Jenelle never came through — in fact, she spent the entire night partying with Gary in Wilmington having an "epic" time.

So how did Courty B take Jenelley's rejection? Surprisingly well. "U have for sure lost me!!! good luck with everything but my heart cant take this s— another second, time 2 move on," he wrote later that night.

Sigh … they say if you love something set it free, right guys?

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