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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Sounds Off on Beyonce’s “Fabulous” Super Bowl Shout-Out

Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore didn’t get off to the best start on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but now that the season has progressed, the one-time enemies have actually developed a fondness for each other. Hey, this isn’t the first time H’wives have had a change of heart!

So when asked Cynthia about Beyonce’s “gone with the wind fabulous” Super Bowl performance description, Cyn was flattered that Bey used Kenya’s catch phrase. “Beyonce saying her [Super Bowl] performance was, ‘gone with the wind fabulous,’ I thought that was really cool,” Cynthia dished. “This show is so great because you never know what you’re gonna say that’s gonna take off that will become some crazy catch phrase.”

And while Cynthia and Kenya are still working on their friendship, there’s no doubt that Cyn and NeNe Leakes are as close as ever. Speaking of their bond, Cynthia said, “She’s kinda like my little mentor. I talk to Nene Leakes probably — I hate to even say it — probably more than I talk to my husband.”

Whoa, who knew NeNe and Cynthia were that close?!

Do you think their friendship will last, or will it become another casualty of reality TV sooner or later?