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The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Spend a Little Time Apart

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev spent Valentine’s Day together on The Vampire Diaries’ set, but now these real life lovebirds are enjoying a little solo time.

When Nina mentioned on Twitter that a mini-break from work would begin on February 15, we wondered if this adorable pair would be taking another exotic trip together or even another not-so-exotic trip. The answer turned out to be neither, and they’re spending it in hilariously different ways.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Nina kicked off her little vacation by holding a kiss contest for her fans! She started her challenge by tweeting a link to a DVD box-set of The Vampire Diaries’, along with the words: “Be my Valentine? Whoever can send me the most creative Valentine's card with their lipstick kiss will win.”

So cute! And where was boyfriend Ian while all this was going on? He was getting ready for a much more serious endeavor. The day after Nina held her kissing game, Ian tweeted about his vacation destination: “Wheels up! Going into meditative silent retreat to tropical latitude. Enjoy your weekend world I'm going into radio silence.Big love,y'all IS”

Quite the combo, no? At least now we know what people mean when they say “painfully cute,” because whether these two are together or apart they’re so adorable it makes our faces hurt. Ow.

Source: Ian Somerhalder’s Twitter, Nina Dobrev's Twitter