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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Has a New Man! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Premiere

Usually, Jenelley and Kieffer make sweet love in the unsanitary booths of Planet Fun whenever he pops out of the clink, but this gal has a smokin' hot new boyfriend named Gary Head, who also happens to be a marine!

But does Kieffer care that Jenelle is seeing someone else? Please, dude doesn't care about anything other than huffing his hoodie, so obviously he tries to get in touch with Jenelle … by texting Gary. Because that isn't awkward or anything. And in case you're wondering, no — Kieffer's alluring siren call doesn't get in the way of Jenelle's relationship with her new boy toy. She and Gary are super in love. In fact, girlfriend has never been happier!

In other news, Jenelle's moving into a new place with her bestie, Allison, and it looks like her life is finally under control. Not only does girlfriend while away her days making Hamburger Helper (beef > pot), she has a mysterious pair of flip-flops hanging up in her kitchen and she's in school for Medical Assisting.

Basically, she's living the good life! If your definition of "the good life" involves Hamburger Helper, which ours most definitely does.

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