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Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry Punches Jo?! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Premiere

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are almost as adorable as our new pair of pink bedazzled Uggs. These two are getting closer than ever, and yep — they're official! But bad news, bears … it looks like Kailyn's relationship with her baby daddy, Jo Rivera (sorry, Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body), is spiraling out of control.

Here's what goes down: According to Kailyn, she caught Jo's "hood rat" girlfriend hanging out with Isaac, flipped her blonde hair all over the place, and demanded that Jo stop seeing her. Jo then flew into a rage and hit Kailyn, prompting her to file a Protection From Abuse order! Jo's side of the story? Kailyn went cray-cray for no reason, and then backhanded him in the forehead and punched him in the face — which means his violent reaction was in self-defense. Sigh, where are MTV's cameras when you need them?

As you might expect, Jo is less than thrilled about being served with a PFA order, and it looks like he's willing to fight Kailyn tooth and nail for custody of Isaac. We have a feeling things are about to get more than a little dramatic in Kailyn's world … and lord knows Jo is going to write a million contemplative spoken word poems about this, sigh.

Who knows what's going to happen between Kailyn and her ex, but we're so glad that girlfriend has Javi's beefy shoulders to lean on! He's so protective and sweet! Total hubby material...

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