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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian: “If I Were a Guy I’d Want to Have Sex With Myself”

Kris Jenner has been accused of being a narcissist. Well, if that’s true, it must run in the family, because Kim Kardashian is so in love with herself, she wants to have sex with herself!

In the February 18 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Kim tells Khloe during a photo shoot about what she’d do if she was a man for a day. “If I were a guy, I would want to have sex with myself.” So Kim really is every guy’s fantasy — even the hypothetical ones!

“I would just want to know what it would feel like hitting me from the back,” Kim explained. Ooookay. Way to out-overshare Khloe, the family’s designated oversharer!