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Teen Mom

Leah Messer Miscarries! Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 4 Premiere

Last time we checked in on Leah Messer and her Southern drawl, she was engaged to her new boo Jeremy "I Heart Hoop Earrings" Calvert, was gearing up to pop out another baby (presumably named Aleieahaiheee), and was kinda-sorta-maybe in love with her ex-husband, Corey Simms.

We know, it's confusing. Almost as confusing as Leah's tri-colored hair. By which we mean weave.

Unfortunately, Leah miscarries her baby at the 8-week mark, and the loss is almost unbearable. Sure, Jeremy is more than supportive of his future-wifey, but this gal is a mess! Not only is she mourning the loss of her pregnancy, she's struggling with her romantic feelings for Corey — probably because his sex appeal is like a Stage 6 Hurricane of Hotness.

There's just something irresistible about this dude. Who knows if it's his inarticulate mumble, the fact that his baseball hat has welded itself to his head, or his charming love for trucks, but Leah is addicted to her ex. In fact, her complicated feelings for Corey inspire her to get another IUD and to slow down her relationship with Jeremy, which means they won't be popping out a kiddo anytime soon.

So, does Leah get back together with Corey? Nope, but she does drop the L-word and tell him about her miscarriage! Sigh, these two. When will they realize that they're totally meant to be and get back together?!

Spoiler alert: Never.

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