Leah Messer Reveals How Many Guys She’s Been With
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Leah Messer Reveals How Many Guys She’s Been With

Leah Messer loves herself a tasty bite of man candy (preferably dudes in camouflage), but don't y'all dare call her a "whore." This Southern belle has gotten her fair share of social media hate thanks to the fact that she cheated on Corey Simms just days before their wedding, but she's putting her haters in their place!

"Your about stupid!" Leah tweeted to a fan who accused her of being boy crazy. "You don't know me! I've been with 7 guys, I feel bad enough for that. I'm not a 'whore' like most think!"

Awww, Leah! There's no reason for this gal to feel bad about her dating history — she's probably learned all kinds of lessons from each and every local yokel she's been with. But not gonna lie — we're slightly curious about this gal's roster of hunks. We know Leah's dated Corey, Robbie, and Jeremy, but who are the four mystery men in question?! Guess this is one secret Leah's taking with her to the grave.

Do you think Leah's been with too many men? Remember, thou shalt not judge thy neighbor … or something.