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Revenge Season 2: How Will Amanda Clarke’s Death Affect Jack Porter?

When a couple’s starting to get along on Revenge, fans should know the end is nigh. Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke had a beautiful hippie love fest wedding right on the beach with the setting sun and a wailing baby. So naturally there would be some intense drama, including a murder and betrayal, in the next episode.

The Porters' honeymoon didn’t quite go as well as expected. Firstly, Jack was too tired and sweaty to make out with his new bride below deck, and then there was that whole “murderer in the closet” issue that had to be taken care of.

Nate Ryan drug trafficker and secretly married ex-con — hid aboard The Amanda to wreak unholy havoc on two of our favorite Hamptonites. He shot Jack in the side and caused the explosion that ended up taking Fauxmanda’s life.

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Jack’s currently in emergency surgery, but we have no doubt he’ll pull through. Especially considering we saw a quick glimpse of him in the promo at Mandy’s funeral.

So how will he handle the loss of his wife of under 24 hours? Knowing Jack, the recovery process won’t be a quick one. He was hung up on Amanda for so long, even when she abandoned him, that losing her could be devastating.

But the loss could also cause Jack to turn into a master class Revenger. He was pretty sneaky in Sunday’s episode — pretending to yell at Amanda while orchestrating an escape plan. Sure, his plan didn’t quite work out, but his acting was impeccable. He could have a future in a black hoodie after all.

We’re already dreaming of Emily and Jack rekindling the flame, but chances are, that will take a while following the death of such a beloved friend. Jack’s quest for the truth might even lead him to the real identity of Amanda Clarke.

Do you think Jack will continue looking for answers or fall into a pit of despair? Tell us your thoughts below!

02.19.2013 / 10:37 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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