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Revenge Season 2: Will Emily Endanger Charlotte to Get Back at Victoria?

Fans of Revenge know that Emily Thorne has already risked so many things while on her mission for redemption, but would she really put her half sister’s life in jeopardy?

In the promo for Episode 15, “Retribution,” it seems like Emily’s next plan of attack is to make the Graysons pay for their involvement in Amanda’s death. Naturally she also goes back to her original beef with Victoria for the loss of her father.

And how will she get at the Ice Queen?

“Through her daughter,” she says to Nolan.

So will Emily actually hurt the artist formerly known as Charlotte Grayson (now Clarke) all to further her own vendetta against the Hamptons elite?

Probably not. Getting at Victoria “through her daughter” could mean anything. She could tell Char the truth about Amanda Clarke and the two could team up to be the ultimate revengey duo. Or she could simply plant seeds of doubt as to Conrad’s involvement in Amanda’s murder.

We’d love to see these two partner up, but do you think that’s what will happen? Or will Emily put Charlotte in harm’s way to get the ultimate revenge?

Tell us your thoughts below!

02.19.2013 / 11:21 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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