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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe Defends Catherine Giudici’s Sisters: “I’d Be Skeptical Too”

After Catherine Giudici showed Sean Lowe around her (surprisingly sunny) hometown of Seattle, Washington, she took the Bachelor home to meet her family — including her two sisters, Monica and India. While Sean was greeted with ponies and unicorns at AshLee Frazier’s house just days before, Catherine’s sisters were less eager to sing her praises. Asked if they think Catherine’s ready to settle down, Monica and India basically grimaced in unison. Catherine insists she’s ready to say “yeah” if Sean proposes in Thailand, but her sisters told Sean — in no uncertain terms — they don’t think she’s ready to have kids and start a family.

Sean adeptly navigated Monica and India’s concerns. “What kind of things does Catherine need to be called out on?” Sean asked, and the girls quickly jumped to answer. “She’s messy,” Monica said, and India added, “Clothes everywhere, all the time.” Their next charge? She’s moody. Catherine needs “someone who can handle her moods,” Monica stated plainly. “She needs someone who can handle that, and have fun with it.”

After dinner with Catherine’s family, Sean seemed leery of his blossoming relationship with Catherine. “Her sisters brought up things about Catherine that certainly make me doubt our relationship,” Sean told the camera.

As the episode aired, Sean took to Twitter to defend Catherine’s sisters. While they might have made him question his chemistry with their sister, Sean doesn’t fault India and Monica for a second. “I'd be skeptical too if I were Catherine's sisters,” Sean tweeted.

What do you think? Were India and Monica too hard on Catherine — or would you have done the same?

Source: Twitter

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