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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe’s Bachelor Blog: Why I Picked Catherine Over Desiree

It's been eight weeks since Sean Lowe dove abs-first into a hot tub of hotties, and he's finally come up for air. Yep, this Bachelor recently narrowed the pool down to four potential wives, and this week he met their families during The Bachelor Season 17 Hometown Dates!

As you might expect, the episode had its highs (Sean catching dead fish) and its lows (Sean being berated by an angry grifter), and the man of the hour has taken it to the internets to blog about his feelings. We've rounded up Sean's most enlightening musings for you to enjoy!

On finding out the truth about Catherine Giudici: "Her sisters also told me that Catherine had a strong desire to pursue a career in New York and that she may not be ready to settle down. I found it strange that they were telling me this, yet Catherine had never mentioned it. I'm all for supporting her dreams, but I wished she'd shared those dreams with me. I left Seattle knowing that I had a desire to be with Catherine, but just wasn't sure if our lives aligned."

Credit: ABC via WENN    

On meeting Desiree Hartsock's brother: "I'm still confused as to what led her brother to call me a playboy and a fake. He decided to attack my character and integrity and I honestly don't know what provoked him. Regardless, he doesn't know me and he sure as hell can't speak to my integrity. As badly as I wanted to go off on him, I had to hold back because I didn't want to cause a huge scene and embarrass Des and her parents. Her brother didn't affect the way I looked at Des, but it did make me wonder if I could be in the same family as her brother."

On ditching Desiree: "In the end, I gave the rose to Catherine over Des because I couldn't picture saying goodbye to Catherine yet. But saying goodbye to Des was awful. She was telling me I was a making a mistake and I was starting to believe her. I wasn't ready to see her go, but I knew if I kept her I'd have to send someone else home in her place and I wasn't prepared to do that. It was an excruciating, confusing and emotional night, and I was just praying that I wouldn't regret my decision."

Watching Desiree leave Sean's loves nest was more than a little sad, but we're confident he made the right decision by keeping Catherine. She's just so cheerful and full of energy, and she totally prevailed when Sean pushed her down that iceberg! Do you think Sean made the right call?

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