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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2 Music: Songs From the Season 4 Premiere

If there’s one major benefit to having Teen Mom 2 air on MTV, it’s having the greatest reality show soundtrack on television.

Here are some tunes from the Season 4 premiere on Feb. 18, 2013:

1. “Face” by Tim Cullen (theme song)
2. “Home” by Aerials (Jenelle talks to her boyfriend about probation)
3. “Ghosts” by Aerials (Catch up with Maci)
4. “The Complex” by Automatic Empire (Jenelle and Barbara leave the restaurant)
5. “Small Price” by Luftshanasia (Jo talks to his family about a fight with Kailyn)
6. “So Long Woman” by The Shivers (Leah lays on the couch)
7. “This Is Where It Starts” by The Jealous Sound (Jenelle and Tori talk about Kieffer getting out of prison)
8. “Follow Me Home” by Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes (Jenelle talks to Jeremy about slowing down)
9. “Cranberry Lake” by Ari Hest (Kailyn talks to Javi about her situation with Jo)
10. “Why Don’t You Do?” by Jennifer O’Connor (Chelsea plays with her daughter)
11. “Face the Dark” by Brad Fillatre (Closing montage)

Do you like the music on Teen Mom 2? Tell us below!

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02.19.2013 / 09:15 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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