The Bachelor’s Linday Yenter’s Dad Is a Major General in The U.S. Army
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Linday Yenter’s Dad Is a Major General in The U.S. Army

Bachelor finalist Lindsay Yenter is basically Season 17’s Miss Congeniality. She showed up in a wedding dress on the first night, loves to drink and frolic in her bikini, and sleeps naked. Another fun Lindsay fact? Her dad is a Major General in the United States Armed Forces. During The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 8: Hometown Dates, Sean Lowe finds out just how big of a deal Mr. Yenter is (spoiler alert: he’s a HUGE deal).

Major General Mark Yenter is a commanding general in the United States Army, commanding Fort Leonard Wood, an Army Center of Excellence based in the Missouri town of the same name. Fort Leonard Wood is a major hub for the U.S. Army, training more than 80,000 personnel in 2012, according to the command brief.

According to the Polaski County Daily, Maj. Gen. Yenter’s last overseas service included a tour of duty in Afghanistan, where he was the commander of Corps of Engineers operations for the entire country. His other assignments have included Iraq, Japan, and Korea.

During his promotion ceremony in January 2012, Maj. Gen. Yenter said, “I love being a soldier, and when you get to 31 years you realize things are going pretty fast. I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to continue to serve.” He also thanked his wife Lisa, who joins him during his service deployments. “I just cannot imagine a reality or that I would have made this journey without my wife, Lisa. She has been so great for our family and she gives so much to Army families.”

Click here to check out Gen. Maj. Yenter’s thoughts on the future of the Army’s presence in Afghanistan. “This is what the end of a war looks like,” he says, referring to the withdrawal of active duty personnel.

We don’t think there’s anything more terrifying than going home to meet the father of your prospective wife and finding a man who commands 80,000 troops on a daily basis. Good thing Sean’s in bootcamp-ready shape! Want to know who Sean picks? Click here!

Source: Polaski County Daily, U.S. Army