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Real Housewives of Atlanta

This Real Housewives Star Spent $1695 on Gold “Snake” Sandals! (PHOTOS)

When it comes to fancy clothes, this Housewife has a closet full of amazing pieces. Whether it’s a stunning gown, a short-and-sassy mini skirt, or even a great pair of jeans, she has it all.

But in addition to her great frocks, she also has quite a shoe collection. Even though this gal is a huge superstar, we were still surprised to see her wearing $1695 Guiseppe Zanotti sandals — and ones with gold “snakes,” no less.

These black suede sandals are simple, yet a little crazy with a slithering gold reptile holding it all together and constricting her ankle. But can you guess the “rich bitch” wearing them? Click on for the reveal!