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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers: Jax Still In Love With Stassi and Laura-Leigh Turns Stalker!

In Vanderpump Rules spoilers for Season 1, Episode 7, Jax Taylor makes it very clear he is still in love with Stassi Schroeder. His latest fling, Laura-Leigh, is not happy at all with his undying feelings for his ex!

Laura-Leigh says Jax can’t keep avoiding talking to her. She randomly tells SUR customers the two of them were dating but “he just like stop talking to me but didn’t give me a reason or an explanation.” She then loudly calls him a “horrible human being.”

Jax asks if she really wants him to hang out with her while he is “still in love with someone else.” Of course, he means his ex-girlfriend and fellow SUR employee Stassi. Laura-Leigh calls Jax a “coward” and says he cannot bully her away. She tells him she is not leaving, he is stuck with her and will have to deal with her every day until she books a job and gets famous. Then he’ll be sorry. Really, really sorry.

Laura-Leigh says he and Stassi are terrible people mocks him for saying he didn’t talk to her out of respect for his ex. “Sorry I’ve been f**king you every day without protection and been inside of you and told you really intimate things every day,” she says while waving her hand in his face, “but I don’t have enough respect for you to tell you I’m never going to talk to you again? F**k you.”