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3 Reasons Revenge’s Jack Porter And Emily Thorne Should Get Back Together

We are currently in mourning over the untimely demise of Revenge’s Fauxmanda Clarke, but we can't help noticing that Jack Porter is currently on the market. Yes, he's a sad widower, and yes he's just been shot in the stomach, but get over it Jack. The time has come to whip your flop back and forth and move on with none other than Emily Thorne!

Much like Romeo and Juliet, these two are star-crossed lovers, and we're dying for them to make it official. Check out 3 reasons Jack and Emily should jump back in the sack! Also, RIP Amanda.

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1. They've Been In Love Since They Were Kids

Jack and Emily spent their formative years frolicking around the beach, skipping, traumatizing Sammy the Dog, and collecting shards of glass with zero parental supervision. In fact, they even got faux-married! Double in fact, Jack was so obsessed with Em that he named his boat after her. Basically, they were straight-up childhood sweethearts, and the time has come for them to finally get together! Of course, there's the tricky fact that Jack already thinks he married Amanda (read: Emily), but whatever.

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2. Jack Isn't Part of Emily's Revegenda

Emily has more boyfriends than she knows what to do with, but Daniel and Aiden are simply products of her revenge plot. Em's relationship with Daniel has always been part of a greater scheme to get in with the Graysons, and the only thing she and Aiden have in common is their mutual love for fluffy Japanese puppies. Emily's feelings for Jack, however, exist is a world outside revenge, which is how we know they're completely meant to be! She double-infinity loves him, guys! Despite his tragic excuse for a haircut.

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3. Someone Needs To Raise Baby Carl David

We're panicked. Now that Amanda's lurking around the bottom of the ocean, Baby Carl David is down one parent. Which pretty much makes Declan his surrogate mother. We know, the horror. If Emily doesn't step in and co-parent with Jack, Baby Carl David is going to grow up wearing deep-V onesies, shell necklaces, and lord knows he'll have stolen a fleet of lobsters by the time he's a toddler. Please, Emily, for the sake of this tragic infant, get back together with Jack and give Baby Carl David a chance to be normal.

Do you think Jack and Emily should get back together? Tell us below!