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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky: Why Catherine Giudici Will End Up With Sean Lowe

After Bachelor Sean Lowe’s hometown date in Seattle with Catherine Giudici, the Internet was aflutter with talk about the petite Seattle graphic designer. Whether you thought Catherine’s sisters were too tough (at least they weren’t Des’s brother...) or that their date was adorable, you probs came away from the evening with some serious opinions about this Bachelor Season 17 pairing.

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is in the mix of team Catherine, and thinks that she may just be the perfect girl for Sean, even if she did get the last rose. As she mentioned in a previous blog, the order in which the girls get the roses really doesn’t matter. What did matter in Ali’s eyes was that Sean “was loose and he seemed happy.” She writes in her Bachelor blog, “Catherine will end up with Sean. Based on the three girls left, she is the only one who I really see Sean connecting with.”

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As for how Catherine’s sisters acted around Sean, Ali is all for their candor. “Catherine's sisters are awesome. They remind me of my sister. Very protective. They were harsh, but they need to be. Catherine's been living a very surreal life for a while now, and it's their job to make sure she's thinking clearly,” Ali says. “You're a different person when you return home to your family. They seemed skeptical of this relationship, but I don't think Sean will let that keep him from choosing Catherine in the end.”

And even better than the hometown date being a true preview of Catherine’s family, Ali says that it made it especially clear that Catherine was a better choice for Sean than Lindsay Yenter. “The fact that those two dates were back-to-back made it pretty clear to me. With the exception of the adorable "army training," that seemed like a pretty standard date to me. Nothing special.”

Do you agree with Ali that Catherine’s hometown date was the best? Do you think she’ll be the girl Sean chooses? Do you have the attention span and willpower of a three-year-old? Us too: Click here to find out who Sean Lowe picks

Source: Ali’s Bachelor Blog

02.20.2013 / 04:45 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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