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The Kardashians

Kourtney Kardashian Hits Jonathan Cheban! Did He Deserve It?

Jonathan Cheban has probably learned his lesson about getting in the middle of a fight between Kardashian sisters!

Things got totally out of control on the February 18 episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, and Jonathan ended up getting slapped across the face by Kourtney. How did it happen? Did Jonathan deserve it, or was Kourtney just totally out of control?

The trouble started when Kim got mad at Kourtney for not going on a business trip with her sisters, and Jonathan stuck his nose in. “I feel like you haven’t been working for years,” he told Kourtney, “No offense.” Uh oh.

Since everyone knows “no offense” is what you say when you want to say something offensive and not get in trouble, that didn’t bode well. As Khloe put it, “Kourtney has always been ruthless and Jonathan will say anything.” Jonathan said Kourtney lets her sisters do all her work, Kourtney said Jonathan did nothing but follow Kim around, and things got ugly. Below is a selection of the best barbs thrown out in this epic reality fight.

Kourtney: “Sorry that you literally eat Kim’s dingleberries off. That’s all you do.”

Jonathan: “At least my job isn’t collecting kim’s money as it falls out of her ass. Without Kim you’d be nothing, all you’d be doing is chasing Scott in nightclubs every night.”

Kourtney: “You are shoved so far up Kim’s ass it’s like a joke. You’re such a f**king loser.”

Jonathan: “You’re delusional, you’re a psycho and you’re a f**king bitch. I know why Scott’s never going to marry you.”


When the smack happened, Kim seemed just as surprised as the rest of us as she watched the episode, and she said so on Twitter. “OMG did you just see @KourtneyKardash just smack @JonathanCheban!!!!!!! OMG did he deserve it???”

What do you think: did he?? Jonathan said some pretty terrible things, but so did Kourt. Weigh in below!