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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 4 Spoilers: What’s Next For Branson and Rose?

On the Downton Abbey Season 3 finale, it was revealed that Rose, Violet's wild child great-niece, would be staying at Downton while her family went to India. According to TVLine, actress Lily James has been upgraded to series regular for Downton Season 4, so get used to seeing Rose around.

On that note, Entertainment Weekly had a Q&A with Downton exec Gareth Neame, who was coy about Season 4 spoilers, but answered a few questions.

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Rose has a personality that's different from anyone else at Downton. Is that the point of her character?
"I think so. We’re entering a more modern age, the post-war into the 1920s and all things that came from that, a slightly freer world and women having more freedom."

How much of the season will focus on Rose?
"Well, she’s an established character now, so she’s a part of the ensemble."

What's next for Branson?
"I mean obviously, he is in a similar situation [as Mary] really. We know he’s a widow and he has a young child. Again, he has huge dilemmas to face."

Would Mary and Branson ever get together, now that Matthew is gone and Mary will be dating again?
"I read that."

Is that idea too out of left field?
"Who knows?"

This guy's a locked vault! We know Season 4 is jumping ahead six months, so Baby Sybil should be, what, around age 1.5? Which means it will also be that long since Sybil passed away. Some people may even speculate about Branson and Rose getting together. He has to move on from Sybil at some point, right? Or would that be too weird?

Sources: TVLine, Entertainment Weekly

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