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If Kim Kardashian Wasn’t Famous, What Would Her Job Be?

It’s kind of hard to nail down exactly what Kim Kardashian’s profession is. Model, socialite, sex tape/reality star, fashionista, businesswoman — take your pick. We feel like it’s just easier to say that Kim Kardashian’s job is being Kim Kardashian.

But what career would Kim pursue if her job wasn’t being herself? Crime scene investigator, apparently.

In a recent interview with Du Jour magazine, Kim revealed her love for “real-life murder mysteries and cop shows.” Come to think of it, we saw a glimpse of this part of Kim’s personality for ourselves in the February 18 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. Kim and Khloe seemed very obsessed with the infamous “bath salts cannibal” attack that occurred in 2012 on the MacArthur Causeway. They even stopped their car on the causeway to check out the scene of the crime.

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Kim might be interested in true crime, but we kind of doubt she would be a good fit for the field. She’s pretty squeamish. Remember the way she reacted to Kourtney squirting breast milk on her? Can you just imagine how she’d react to a gory crime scene?

Kim might not be ready to join a real life CSI Miami, but we guess it’s not such a shock that she would be into murder mysteries or forensics. After all, her dad, Robert Kardashian, Sr., was part of the defense team for arguably the most famous murder trial in history: OJ Simpson’s 1995 trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

And that leads us to Kim’s third choice of profession: lawyer. Now that seems a little more in reach. After all, we know Kim loves to argue. Could it be that she missed her true calling in life, choosing fashion over the law? It’s never too late, Kim!

Source: Du Jour

02.20.2013 / 05:01 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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