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Is Scott Disick’s Relationship with Khloe Kardashian Inappropriate?

In the February 17 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Khloe Kardashian seemed really unnerved by Scott Disick’s excessive touching and dirty talk. And we have no problem saying we were pretty unnerved, too! While the family eventually worked out their boundaries together, we can't help but ask: Do you feel Scott and Khloe's relationship is inappropriate?

Scott and Khloe have been close buds for a while, and that friendship has blossomed even more during the current season of KKTM. But lately, Scott seems to have crossed the line from treating Khloe like he would treat a pal or a family member into... well, something less fraternal.

Let’s put it another way. Scott frequently says Khloe is like his own sister. But is that really the case? We're pretty sure that most dudes wouldn't be as fixated on their sisters' ice cream eating tactics as Scott seemed to be with Khloe's!

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Obviously Khloe eventually had enough with Scott’s behavior. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t have brought it up to his girlfriend, Kourtney. But what about Kourt, who many people would consider a wronged party in this whole situation?

What surprised us even more than Scott’s behavior was Kourtney’s blasé reaction. She actually didn't seem very perturbed at all when Khloe told her about Scott's roaming hands and dirty mouth.

We guess Kourtney must simply be confident in her relationship with Scott. Most women we know would flip their lids if their man was as grabby with their sisters as Scott is with Khloe! Or maybe she realized she had a hand (no pun intended) in Scott’s acting up, due to the lack of special alone time between them since the birth of Penelope.

What do you think? Is Scott’s relationship with Khloe on the up and up, or has he crossed the line?

02.20.2013 / 07:33 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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