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Mindy McCready’s Sons: Where Will They Go? Who Will Get Custody?

Mindy McCready and David Wilson are both gone, leaving behind their son, Zayne, 10 months, and Mindy's son, Zander, age 6. Those boys are arguably the biggest victims of the past month’s tragedies. What will happen to them now?

According to People, they have been in state custody since February 7, after Mindy (who was supposedly intoxicated at the time) had an argument with her father and stepmother. Mindy's father, Tim McCready, requested Mindy undergo a mental health and substance abuse evaluation and treatment. At the time, he claimed she "hasn't had a bath in a week ... screams about everything ... [is] very verbally abusive to Zander."

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A judge granted the petition and the boys were sent into foster care. Zander's father, Billy McKnight, has already said he wants his son back, saying he's been sober for years and wants Zander to head to Florida to be with his side of the family. However, Mindy's mother and stepfather, Gayle and Michael Inge, also want custody of both boys. According to People, the Department of Human Services suggested the Inges might be the best choice, saying they have "a substantial relationship" and also had custody of Zander several times during Mindy's rehab and jail stints.

However, Mindy's private investigator, Danno Hanks, told RumorFix what Mindy said she wanted to happen to her sons. Danno told the site, “She said if she was to lose the children to CFS [Division of Children and Family Services], the last thing she wanted was for them to go back to her mother.” Danno was hired by Mindy to help in her custody battle with Gayle Inge. The private investigator said Mindy would want her kids to be with her aunt, and was making plans for her aunt to move in with her shortly before she took her own life.

A custody hearing has reportedly been scheduled for April 5.

Sources: People, RumorFix