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Mom Banned From Talking About Kids on Facebook After Calling Son an Obscenity

Ever wonder if your kids would be so okay with the cute, but sometimes, embarrassing pictures you post on Facebook of them if they knew anyone could see them? One judge in New York State is making sure at least one Facebook-crazed mom stops the posting insanity, according to the New York Daily News. The mom, known as Melody M., has her lawyer arguing that the judge is prohibiting her right to celebrate her kids’ triumphs.

Yes, the judge is prohibiting them from being called out — online. In real life, we’re guessing the judge will not monitor the mom’s personal phone calls to family members, conversations with friends, or hugs she gives each child for every little wonderful thing he or she does. The judge just doesn’t want to see them up in cyberspace for the sake of Melody’s children.

That’s because Melody M. ended up in court for allegedly cyberbullying her own son. She called him an a**hole on Facebook for the world to see. Did we mention the 10-year-old is a special needs child? Yeah, we’re guessing on top of losing her right to post on Facebook, she’s probably not going to win a Mother of the Year award either.

Melody’s technical foul brings up a good point: How much is too much when it comes to posting about your children? Do you or someone you know have a Facebook posting problem?

Source: New York Daily News

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02.20.2013 / 06:26 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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