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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 3, Episode 20: “Hot Water”

Talk about a steamy episode! In this week’s Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 20: “Hot Water”), Melissa Hastings is a budding photographer, Wrencer is back on (hooray!), and Hanna’s mom does what we’ve all wanted to do: She runs Wilden down with her car. We’re impressed that she didn’t then put the car in reverse and hit him again one more time for good measure. Read our full recap below.

Wherein Aria Gets More Time to Chat With Ezra’s Mom

You’d think after all the lying Aria and her friends have had to do, they would start telling the truth one of these days. That’s why we’re stunned that Aria would lie to Ezra by not saying Wes kissed her, since you just know that’s gonna come back to bite her. And just like that, we suddenly got a fantasy about being bitten by Wes. We’ll try to move on.

While we’re thrilled that Ezria seems kinda-sorta back to normal, we know this smooth sailing for the couple probably won’t last long, especially if Maggie has to move in with Ezra when she loses her condo. On the plus side, Aria did save Spencer’s life in the steam room, so at least Aria has that going for her.

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ ABC    

Wherein Spencer Gets Steamed

See, people - this is why you should always take a bath instead of going for a steam! Mr. Bubbles could never be used for evil like Spencer’s steam room was. So who locked Spencer in and come to think of it, why couldn’t Melissa hear her scream? Long story short: Toby and Melissa, you’ve both got some ‘splaining to do.

But up until that point, this episode had basically been in the “win” column for Spencer: Not only did she get to make out with Wren looks like her sweatpants-and-Ben-&-Jerry’s phase is over! but she also got a glimpse at Little Miss Red Coat. However, the fact that the Red Coat was able to somehow outrun a star athlete like Spencer boggles our minds.

Wherein Emily Gets Her Competition Fired No Big Deal

So the truth comes out: Paige had indeed been dating Shana, which explains why there was an unlimited amount of awkwardness when Emily and Hanna joined Paige for the Halloween store erand. Okay, we really want to be on board with Paily, but Paige keeps doing sketchy stuff like this. Why wouldn’t Paige just tell Em the truth about Shana from the beginning? We’re skeptical.

Meanwhile, Emily had the best week of all four Liars: She managed to send Caleb the transaction info about who bought the Queen of Hearts costume hack on, Emily! and she also got CeCe spill about Melissa having snapped that pic of her with Ali and Wilden on the boat. Our girl Emily was on a roll!

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ ABC    

Wherein Hanna Should Seriously Give Her Mom a High-Five From Us

Our favorite quote of the night just might have been when Hanna’s mom tells Hanna, “I think I may have killed Detective Wilden.” We just love how Hanna’s mom said it with as much concern as she might have said, “I think I left the air conditioner running.” C’mon, Ashley there’s no need to be distraught. Detective Wilden’s possible death calls for a champagne toast! Cheers!

That being said, it’s ominous that when Hanna and Ashley went back to the place where Wilden had pulled Ash over for supposedly drinking and driving Wilden was gone. Maybe Hanna and her mom can rewind Wilden’s police car footage to find out where he is now? Of course, if it were us, we would just hope he’s dead and call it a day. (No, we’re not big Wilden fans.)


Did Wilden kill Ali? We’re inclined to think that the show is making him to be too obvious of a suspect, and yet there’s no question he’s going out of his way to silence any rumor about him impregnating Ali.

Who was in the Red Coat? Sadly, Spencer’s sighting didn’t give us any more info as to the identity of that red coat-wearer. However, whoever was wearing it was able to flee the scene mighty quickly.

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ ABC    

— We’ve always thought Melissa was sketchy, but this week her sketchiness went up by approximately a bajillion percent. Was she working with Wilden to kill Ali, now that we know Melissa took the pic of them on the boat? And was she the one who tried to kill Spencer? Melissa is definitely in hot water (and yes, we went there).

— Should we be rooting for Wrencer, or should we be watching his every move? Certainly, the fact that Melissa tells Spencer that he’s “bad company” is a red flag. Let’s face it: Melissa saying you can’t be trusted is like Charlie Sheen saying you party too much.

Other Things To Be Discussed:

— Our fashion faves this week were Aria’s rectangular earrings and Hanna’s yellow nail polish. Well done, girls! And here we thought Ali was the only one who looked good in yellow, as her yellow top from the night of her murder would attest.

— Are we the only ones who wish one of the Rosewood guys would dress up in that Little Boy Blue costume for Halloween this year? C’mon, you just know Ezra or Jason would look amazing in it.