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The Bachelor

Will Tierra LiCausi Show Up for Bachelor’s Women Tell All? — Exclusive

There are a lot of things you can say about controversial Bachelor contestant Tierra LiCausi — but one thing you apparently cannot call her is a camera hog. Sure, while she was on the show she made herself the center of attention with her constant complaining and crying fits, but since being sent home she’s completely avoided the spotlight. Now, Wetpaint Entertainment has learned she even plans to skip out on the filming of Women Tell All this Friday, February 22 in Los Angeles.

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The reason, says an insider, is to avoid further embarrassment. “She’s very upset with the way she came across on the show,” the insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “At this point, all she wants is for everyone to forget about her. She knows going to Women Tell All will just draw more attention to how crazy she acted and how nasty she came across.”

Not to mention, she’d hardly have an ally in any of the other women…or in Sean. “She knows no one would stick up for her,” the insider adds. “She’s not about to throw herself into a lions den.”

She’s so distraught about her experience, the insider confirms she did not watch Sean Tells All, which aired on Feb. 19. “She didn’t want to know what he had to say about her. She knew it probably wouldn’t be good.”

Still, the insider admits that when it comes to Tierra, anything’s possible. “She’s really unpredictable,” the insider concludes. “Right now she’s saying there’s no way she’s going, but tomorrow, she could decide to jump on a plane. Everyone’s just going to have to wait and see.”