Trista Sutter Thinks Sean Lowe Is Engaged to Lindsay Yenter
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The Bachelorette

Trista Sutter Thinks Sean Lowe Is Engaged to Lindsay Yenter

Trista Sutter is basically the Matriarch of Bachelorette, and so far this Queen Bee loves what she sees from Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor! Much like the rest of us, Trista is an equal opportunity fan of Desiree Hartsock, AshLee Frazier, Catherine Giudici, and Lindsay Yenter, but she seems to have a special spot in her heart for Lindsay.

"I’m thinking Lindsay is the one stashing a Neil Lane engagement ring somewhere in her house," Trista writes in her Parade blog. "Yes, he told yet another mother that he was 'crazy about your daughter' but I think the contentment with Lindsay, and the conversation and sincerity he expressed with Lindsay’s mom showed that they are on a different level than he is with the other girls."

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Of course, Sean also had a great connection with Catherine –– although he failed to get a blessing from her mom. "I do know that even if Sean didn’t get a formal blessing from her mom in the kitchen, that if Catherine’s the one, he won’t let that stop him from contacting her again and asking a second time," Trista writes. "A gentleman is as a gentleman does and he’s a gentleman."

Pshhh, who needs Catherine's mom when Mama Trista is around? At this point, girlfriend should just make herself a priest on the internets and marry Sean and his future-wife.

Source: Parade