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The Bachelor

Which Eliminated Bachelor Contestant Never Wants To See A Rose Again?

Fans of amazingly short dresses and overly long kisses were devastated when Sean Lowe sent Lesley Murphy home on The Bachelor, but it sounds like she’s happy to be there. More specifically, she’s happy to be back at work.

“I’m very fortunate to have kept my job,” Lesley told the Washington Post. The D.C.political consultant had to leave work for three months to film the reality show, which sounds totally crazy to many people, but somehow Lesley got the go ahead from her superiors. “My boss was very supportive and let me try this experience and see where it led me,” she said.

And oh, the places it led her. The Bachelor took Lesley her to a Hollywood novelty museum, a goat milking party in Montana, a murderously cold Canadian lake and a gorgeous Caribbean island, to name just a few. Then it led her home, when she got the boot for not telling a very hot but relative stranger that she was in love with him. What a prude!

Now that she’s back in the land of politics, Lesley says she has no plans to be back in front of a camera any time soon, but she’s playing it coy. “We’ll see what the future holds,” she said. But is she watching herself on the show? Her colleagues can’t get enough, Lesley said, but as for her, “I never want to see a rose again in my life.”’re saying you wouldn’t do The Bachelorette? Don’t worry, we’re prepared to start changing your mind. You’re not the only one who can lobby!

Source: Washington Post

02.20.2013 / 10:14 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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