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The Bachelorette

Why Desiree Hartsock Should Be the Next Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock was just auf'd from Sean Lowe's hive of wives, and we're devastated. This brunette bombshell seemed like a perfect match for Sean, as well as just perfect in general. In fact, Desiree is so wonderful that we think she'd make a great contender for ABC's upcoming season of The Bachelorette! Check out 5 reasons why this gal is perfect for the job...

1. She's Looking for Love
Some ladies compete on The Bachelor for the wrong reasons (like Ashley Palenkas, who showed up to strangle Sean Lowe with her necktie), but Desiree's intentions were 100% legit. This gal wants nothing more than to pop out a few babies, live in a tree-fort, and settle down with the man of her dreams! Actually, make that 25 men of her dreams. What? After being brutally rejected by Sean, girlfriend deserves to feast on a flock of hotties!

2. She'd Make a Great Wife
Desiree has a lot to offer her future hubby, and the man who eventually wins her heart should consider himself lucky. This gal is pretty much a domestic goddess (did you see her immaculate apartment?!), and it's obvious that she has an extremely caring and nurturing side. But if Desiree's future hubby thinks she's going to wait on him all day, he has another thing coming! Which brings us to...

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3. She's Ambitious
Desiree has big goals for her career as a wedding dress designer, and we love that her business success is just as important as her personal success. Girlfriend is a go-getter with a competitive spirit, which is a great quality to have in a life partner. Need we remind you of the time she pumped that innocent goat's udder and then drank its milk just to win a rose? SOB, break that glass ceiling, girl!

4. She's Creative
Did you guys check out Desiree's art projects? Clearly she spends her free-time gathering sea shells by the sea shore and hot-gluing them to things, and we love it. Des will bring a great creative energy to the set of The Bachelorette, and with any luck she'll make her contestants compete in a macaroni noodle sculpture project!

5. She's Always Looking for Adventure
Much like Sean, Desiree is extremely outdoorsy, and loves to do things like hike, walk and move places other than from the couch to the fridge. We know, it's weird, but apparently dudes like an active girl. Either way, it's great that Desiree will be able to keep up with her men-folk, and who knows? Maybe she'll even beat them in a few physical challenges! Arm wrestling, anyone?

Do you think Des should be ABC's next Bachelorette? Hit the comments!

02.20.2013 / 01:24 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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