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Teen Mom

Courtland Rogers Claims That Jenelle Evans Was in “The Crazy House”

If you thought things couldn't get uglier between Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and her husband, Courtland Rogers, think again. These two have been going at it ever since they got into an epic argument about Courtland's rumored infidelity, which prompted Jenelle to file assault charges.

Fast forward a few days and Jenelle was hospitalized for a miscarriage, which caused Courtland to spiral into a fit of sads and put himself on suicide watch. And now? Now Courtland is apparently wanted for ditching his court date, and he's currently roaming around the dirty South.

You might think Courty and Jenelle would know better than to be in touch, but neither of them can resist Twitter's beautiful siren call. By which we mean they can't stop, won't stop insulting each other. Courtland is furious at Jenelle for leaping back into bed with her ex-fiancé, Gary Head, and he's dropped a huge bombshell in retaliation!

"Drugs ?? NO !!!!" Courtland tweeted after Jenelle accused him of being high. "Falsified reports ??? by my wife 6 weeks after pickin her up from the crazy house that she l8r made me go?"

Courtland's tweet seems to confirm the rumor that Jenelle was placed in a psych ward by her mother, Barbara Evans, following rumors of hard drug use. Yikes, we have a feeling Jenelle won't be thrilled with Courtland for airing such personal information, but so far she's stayed smart and kept off Twitter!

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