Did Kris Jenner Exploit Her Family? Kardashian Momager Fights Back!
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The Kardashians

Did Kris Jenner Exploit Her Family? Kardashian Momager Fights Back!

It’s no secret that Kris Jenner makes money through managing her now-uber-famous Kardashian children, and she’s gotten plenty of flack for doing so. But no one has a harder time of it than Kris herself.

“I feel guilty all the time,” Kris told US Weekly, “Because I can’t be everywhere at once.”

While we’re sure all moms feel that way to a certain extent, the fact that Kris is doing double duty as mom and manager gives her double the number of issues to worry about.

“One moment, I’m talking to Khloe as her mom,” she said, “Suddenly, she’ll turn around and say … ‘I’m your client, you didn’t do this.’ I get scolded or, you know, they’re not happy about something and I have to fix it.”

The manager part of Kris’ “momager” label is what makes her detractors cry exploitation, because Kris gets 10% of all the deals she brokers for her kids. That means everything from Kim’s Playboy spread and the sale of Kourtney’s baby pictures, and likely Khloe’s gig co-hosting The X-Factor. That may sound distasteful to those outside the entertainment industry, but the Kardashian women are stars who need managers, and with Kris running their careers at least that money stays in the family!

Has Kris ever gone too far in pushing her children? Probably. Kim has commented that she regrets posing for Playboy, which her mom encouraged her to do. Still, Kris insists that her kids are happier when they are pushed towards success. “My girls are not pansies,” she said. But I think everyone needs direction.”

Kris is negotiating her tricky situation as best she can, and she can admit when she’s made a misstep. “She’s not perfect and she knows that, “a friend of Kris’ told the magazine. But, her friend added,”Her mistakes never come from a bad place.”

Source: US Weekly